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Preventative Dentist in Garstang

Maintaining good oral health requires more than just waiting for noticeable issues to arise. While your teeth may seem fine, regular check-ups with our preventative dentists in Garstang are essential for proactive care. With our advice and treatment plans, we can preserve the health of your smile and detect and address any potential problems early.

Comprehensive Preventative Dental Treatments

Regular hygiene appointments and cleanings help prevent dental problems. Our hygienists and dentists can help identify issues early on, such as cavities, gum disease, or even oral cancer, and address them before they become more serious and costly to treat. Through our preventative dentistry services, along with comprehensive diet and oral hygiene advice, our compassionate team can help to keep your breath fresh and your smile bright for years to come.

Full range of cleaning aids

Our practice also provides a full range of dental cleaning aids that are available to purchase at reception. Speak to one of our dentists or hygienists to find out which cleaning aids would be most suitable for you. We consider this approach of dentistry to be of key importance and our guidance can help you save a lot of money, as well as keep your smile as healthy as possible.


Get in touch with us

The recommended frequency of routine dental appointments varies from person to person, but a general guideline is to visit our Garstang dentists every six months. We may recommend a different schedule based on your oral health needs.

To learn more about our preventative dentistry services or to book your routine appointment, please get in touch. Call us today on 01995 605 707.

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