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Dental Bridges in Lancashire

Anyone who has lost a tooth or teeth may benefit from a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are a non-invasive, restorative treatment option that mimics the natural shape and shade of your existing teeth. A useful alternative to a denture or an implant, a dental bridge can preserve the function of your remaining healthy teeth while restoring your smile.

How do dental bridges work?

At Staina House Dental Practice, we always consider replacing missing teeth. Without treatment, gaps can lead to a variety of oral health issues. A dental bridge is used to ‘bridge the space’ where you have a missing tooth. The false tooth or ‘pontic’ is attached to one or both teeth on either side of the space, known as ‘abutment teeth’.

Dental bridges can vary in style, such as cantilever and traditional fixed. Our experienced dentists will take the time to discuss with you which type is best suited to your needs. If you are missing just one tooth, our dentists may recommend a traditional fixed bridge. In this case, crowns are bonded to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap to support the bridge.

A Maryland bridge, also known as a bonded bridge, requires one healthy tooth to be fitted. Instead of crowns, a bonded bridge uses ‘wings’ to secure a dental prosthesis.

What are tooth bridges made of?

Dental bridges can be made from metal, porcelain or a combination of the two materials. If the bridge is to replace a front tooth, it can be made using porcelain to achieve natural results and blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. A dental bridge may last from ten to fifteen years but sometimes longer when following the correct aftercare.

Dental Bridge Cost

When considering a dental bridge, our experienced dentists in Lancashire will discuss all options with you to agree on the best treatment plan for your smile. We work closely with our laboratory which specialises in porcelain crowns and bridges. Our dental laboratory uses the finest materials and the latest techniques to provide you with bridges of the highest quality. There are many types of dental bridges available and every clinical case is different. For this reason, a full assessment with your dentist is required before a price can be given. To learn more about the cost of dental bridges, please book a consultation today by calling 01995 605 707.


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