Teeth Whitening

When carried out by a trained dental professional, teeth whitening is a safe, effective way of enhancing your smile and can help you feel more radiant and confident. Professional teeth whitening treatments have become popular in recent years, now being one of the most asked for cosmetic dental treatments.

Over time, teeth become discoloured. Commonly this is the result of lifestyle factors such as drinking tea, coffee or red wine and smoking. Teeth also become yellowed with increasing age.

Whitening will not remove the surface of your teeth or change their shape. It doesn’t alter the tooth’s structure and is easy to look after with regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene at home.

Tooth whitening is a non-invasive process of removing the stains and discolouration within the enamel and dentine to  give you a beautiful smile. Our dentists use a special formulation of 10% carbamide peroxide gel in therapeutic trays which are fitted to your teeth overnight. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to make these trays and will review you throughout the process to ensure you get the best result. Wearing these trays at night for 2-6 weeks is the average time required for effective treatment. In most cases the teeth remain lighter for many years with good dental care. Some patients wish to top up their treatment after a few years.

Our dentists at Staina House regularly attend courses to ensure they stay up to date with the latest recommended safe and effective whitening methods to ensure you get a quality and long lasting result. We take before and after photographs and monitor your progress throughout the treatment to get you the best result possible. We sometimes combine teeth whitening with other treatments to get even better results.

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