Root Canal Treatment

Our dentists provide private root canal treatment for our patients in Garstang. Root canal treatment may also be referred to as endodontics, endodontic treatment or RCT.

Successful root canal treatment can allow a patient to keep a tooth that may otherwise require extraction.  We carry out root canal treatment under a local anaesthetic ensuring that the tooth being treated is completely numb. We work in a gentle and relaxing manner and aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout treatment.

Root canal treatment or ‘root fillings’ may be performed on teeth that have suffered irrepairable nerve damage caused either by dental decay or fractures or following extensive dental treatment. On front teeth this commonly follows a fall or trauma in which the tooth and nerve is badly damaged.

If left untreated a dead tooth can lead to pain, swelling and infection. RCT is aimed at reducing this risk without needing to have the tooth extracted.

The Root Canal

The tooth is made up of three parts. The enamel is the hard outer shell of the tooth which is usually only a couple of millimetres thick.  The dentine is a soft bone-like material that is underneath the enamel. The centre of the tooth contains the pulp which is a collection of nerves and blood vessels. The pulp has a path that passes through the middle of the tooth into the gum and the jawbone. This path is the root canal and sometimes a tooth will have more than one root canal.

Root canal treatment involves removal of the dead or damaged nerve tissue as well as any bacteria from within the nerve canal using special equipment. The nerve canal space is then filled with a rubbery matierial to prevent bacteria from re-entering and causing an infection. This seals the tooth from one end to the other.

Most root canal treatments are straight forward but some can be more complex. An endodontist is a root canal specialist.  In some advanced cases we work closely with a local endodontic specialist to provide the best care for your tooth. In some cases Re-treatment of an old root canal filling in a tooth may be required. In this case the old root canal filling material is removed, the inside of the tooth cleaned and a new root canal filling is placed.

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