Dental Implants

Our dentist David Baybutt has been restoring dental implants in Garstang since he joined the practice. David is skilled in restoring dental implants, producing the highest quality crowns, bridges and dentures. We believe a dental implant can be a great option for permanently replacing a missing tooth. Our practice works closely with local specialists to provide the best implant solution for our patients.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants essentially act as an artificial substitute / replacement for the root portion of your natural tooth and are formed from surgically pure Titanium, a material that is extremely well tolerated by the body. The surface of the Titanium has been the subject of extensive research and Straumann Implants have developed surface treatments to enhance the integration of the bone growth onto the Titanium.

During the placement of an implant the goal is to achieve a close contact between the outer surface of the implant and the surrounding bone tissue so they can “fuse” together (Osseointegration) creating a stable support for the new teeth.

Dental implants could be an option for you if you are missing some or even all of your natural teeth. They may be used to replace individual or multiple teeth and as a way of securing unstable dentures. One great advantage of the dental implant is that it does not involve any interference with neighbouring natural teeth.

They offer a secure, fixed replacement which can help to restore a natural looking smile and allow you to eat with confidence.

Image showing a cross section model of a dental implant

Can anyone have a dental implant?

In order for an implant to be successful there must be enough jaw bone to hold the implant and this must be of good, strong quality. Your dentist will carry out a thorough assessment to ensure that an implant is the best option for you.

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