Cosmetic Dentistry

Image of woman smiling after cosmetic dentistry

Many patients are looking for cosmetic dentistry or a smile makeover to improve the appearance of their teeth. At Staina House in Garstang we use the latest cosmetic dental techniques available to provide you with a smile that looks beautiful and natural. A cosmetic dentist uses special techniques that can improve the size, shape and colour of your teeth. We have complete control over the appearance of our work and work closely with you and our dental laboratories to improve the way your teeth look. A full range of cosmetic dental treatments are available. We want you to be proud of a beautiful healthy smile.

We pride our reputation on providing high quality, accurate dentistry that is both biologically sound and aesthetically pleasing. In particular, we will always look for the safest treatment options that will preserve the tooth enamel with the least interference to the healthy tooth. All appointments are carried out in comfortable surroundings with the utmost care and skill.

Regular dental care is essential to keep your cosmetic dentistry looking great and lasting as long as possible. We always recommend you have regular dental check ups and dental hygiene visits where appropriate.

We invest in our continuing professional development and the best materials available to bond new material to the existing tooth structure and offer a comprehensive range of treatments. These include:

All ceramic restorations are provided by private laboratory, Filippini and Grey, with whom we have worked closely for fifteen years. We use only the very highest quality laboratory materials and alloys in the construction of our work.

Cosmetic dentures are constructed by senior technician, Andy Phelan at Dent8, Blackpool, with whom we have worked for more than twenty years.

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